A pair of restrant tea dispensers 1sweet and 1unsweet sold as a pair only no leaks or drips one has a small dent in the the front (see pictures) both has some dents at the top under the lid but the lids fit good and stay on. Asking $65.00 CASH O.B.O. ***REDUCED $55.00 CASH O.B.O. PLEASE TEXT (540)830-6335 Located in Ottobin about 10 min.from Bridgewater College
Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popper by Presto (Model 04840) Includes 2lb. bag of white popping corn. ($20.00 cash). Pops fast-up to 18 cups of popcorn in less than 3 minutes with almost no unpopped kernels. Pops without oil for only 30 calories per two-cup serving and calories from fat! That's 89-percent fewer calories than corn popped in oil. Easy to clean because it pops with hot air; butter m...
full size washer good working condition
full size dryer good working condition
Waffle cone maker made by CoBateCo. Very good shape. Call me for any questions 540-292-7813
Whirlpool washer, seven cycle. Wirlpoaol Dryer is 3 cycle, special edition. Excellent condition. Sold as set only. Call 757 582 6744
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